Sunday, September 2, 2012

Falling Off the Wagon

I'm an ex-smoker, and one of the first things I learned about quitting is that whenever you fail (and you will fail), just go right back to quitting as if nothing happened.  It's a valuable lesson to learn no matter what you're doing.  If you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle, it's inevitable that you'll splurge from time to time, and that's OK.  Just don't let yourself think, "Oh, well, I messed this all up, so it's over."  Just go back to eating healthy the next day.

Same story with slipping up and buying things you shouldn't.  Don't make an excuse for yourself -- "Oh, I really needed X, so it's find, but for something else I won't do it!" -- and don't try to justify it or hide it or anything.  Just agree that it happened, it's over, and move on.

Needless to say, we did some splurging this weekend.  It was our anniversary, but I stupidly didn't make any plans in advance.  I sort of did that "psychic girl" thing where I made no plans in hope that my boyfriend would magically pick up the slack and manage to pull off something wonderful and romantic with zero budget and no advance planning, without me telling him that I wanted him to do anything.  Naturally, this did not happen, which led to me being exceedingly cranky all weekend.

We went out to a Mongolian barbecue grill, which would have been perfect if we'd just stopped there.  But then we decided to pick up some stuff to eat while watching movies at home.  I ended up spending entirely too much on baking supplies, but at least I stuck to my guns there -- 100% real cocoa, chocolate chips with no artificial ingredients and whole wheat "white wheat" flour, and all-natural ice cream (that took some searching).

Unfortunately, something in this started a chain reaction of badness, and somehow in the last two days I've eaten Taco Bell, A&W and Cici's pizza.  I am completely ashamed of myself.  All of it was disgusting and unsatisfying, and we spent about $100 this weekend that would have been better spent on....well, just about anything else.

Still.  It's a fresh week, and I refuse to beat myself up over this.  Now, every time I start to get a craving for the crap, I just have to remember how utterly gross and unsatisfying it is.

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